Waste Management: Productivity Commission Draft Report

Waste management and resource recovery issues are an integral part of the sustainability debate, especially given the emergence of the 'throw-away' society and its associated linear flows of resources associated with a 'take-make-waste' system of production and consumption. ... Read more >>>

  Using MBIs To Get From Where We Are To Where We Want To Be

Despite an increase in the volumes of resources recovered from materials previously presenting as waste, millions of tonnes continue to be disposed of in 'mass-dump' landfills, accounting for the majority of waste generated in Australia. This linear pattern of resource flows, based on single use and then disposal, is unsustainable in the long term and generates immediate unwanted social, environmental and economic impacts. ... Read more >>>
  Use of Biomass as a Fossil Fuel Replacement in Australian Cement Kilns

Cement and cement products are essential materials in the Australian construction and building industry of today. The cement industry in Australia comprises Adelaide Brighton Ltd, Blue Circle Southern Cement Ltd and Cement Australia Pty Ltd. These three companies operate ten cement works, which together account for 100 per cent of integrated clinker and cement supplies in the country. ... Read more >>>
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