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Matthew Warnken
Dr Brett Cohen
  1. Introducing Mr Matthew Warnken – Projects Director
Matthew Warnken is the Projects Director for Warnken ISE. Matthew has a wide background in the design, development and implementation of projects related to resource recovery, green property rights and renewable energy and materials. Amongst other things Matthew is a Gottstein Fellow and has recently completed a Masters of Engineering Research degree with a thesis entitled ‘Optimal Recovery of Resources – A case study of wood in the Greater Sydney Region’
Matthew is currently in the final stages of a Masters in Entrepreneurship and consults regularly with business, government and the NGO sector on business opportunities that deliver sustainable solutions to environmental and resource challenges. Amongst other things Matthew is an accomplished public speaker and workshop facilitator, presenting nationally and internationally on sustainability issues surrounding the recovery of resources.

Contact Details
Mobile: +61 418 238 040
Email: [email protected]
  2. Introducing Dr Brett Cohen
Dr Brett Cohen has an undergraduate and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Brett has worked extensively in private consultancy on projects including those related to evaluation of energy efficiency opportunities and their impact on regional demand, development of energy savings plans for large industrial users, demand side management issues and challenges, evaluation of green power accreditation models, and evaluation of best resource value of waste. In addition to his work at Warnken ISE, he has held an appointment at the University of Sydney as a Research Fellow on energy sector funded research projects looking at the development and implementation of frameworks and tools for supporting complex decision making and strategic planning towards sustainable outcomes in electricity supply networks. His work in this area draws on experience from chemical process engineering, multi criteria decision analysis techniques, network theories, natural systems and economics to develop robust and defensible system models. He also has experience in fundamental research in the minerals, waste management and water supply sectors. He has published a chapter in one book, 13 papers in international journals and has had 31 papers presented at national and international conferences.

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